GOLIAT Project Will Prepare for Liquid Hydrogen Operations at Airports

Airbus is leading the EU-funded project with nine other partners
Airbus ZeroE hydrogen airliner

Heart Sets Up U.S. R&D Hub for ES-30 Hybrid-electric Regional Airliner

The Swedish company recruited a chief technology officer to run its Los Angeles operation
Heart Aerospace ES-30 hybrid-electric regional airliner

Lilium Builds Certification Test Facility for eVTOL Aircraft

The facility has been jointly developed by the German company with Segula Technologies
Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Textron eAviation Acquires German Engineering Firm

Munich-based Amazilia Aerospace specializes in automated flight tech
Textron eAviation's Nuuva V300 cargo eVTOL
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German Officials Start Due Diligence For Lilium's Loan Guarantees

New funding of at least €100 million may soon be released for the eVTOL aircraft manufacturer
Lilium's eVTOL aircraft

U.S. Government Backs Piasecki's Hydrogen VTOL Aircraft Study

The Department of Energy is funding further research for urban air taxi missions
PA-890 helicopter being developed by Piasecki Aircraft Corp.

Textron eAviation's Nexus eVTOL Aircraft Could Fly in 2025

The company's Nuuva cargo drone is approaching its first flights, too
Textron eAviation's Nexus eVTOL aircraft
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

France May Provide Funds for Lilium eVTOL Aircraft Production Line

The German company is in negotiations with French officials over subsidies and loan guarantees
Lilium's eVTOL aircraft

Archer Expects To Cut eVTOL Aircraft Development Costs in Q2

Q1 expenses were bloated by non-recurring payments to suppliers and lawsuit charges
Archer battery pack factory
Cabin Interior and Electronics

Cabin Designs Show Glimpse of Flights in Electric Seaplane

The unpressurized PHA-ZE 100 aircraft will operate from either water or land
Jekta PHA-ZE 100 amphibious aircraft cabin design

Eve Reports Progress in Building Full-scale eVTOL Prototype

The company released images of a fuselage being assembled
Eve Air Mobility's eVTOL aircraft
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Monte Will Add Regent's Sea Gliders to Lease Portfolio

An agreement signed at CoMotion Miami has a reported value of $300 million
Regent Viceroy electric sea glider

Follow the Story of the Future of Flight

FutureFlight merges with AINonline
Archer Midnight eVTOL aircraft in flight

Germany Backs Plans for Hydrogen-powered Regional Airliners

Balis 2.0 project focuses on fuel cell integration
Balis 2.0 project team

Bell Testing 429 Helicopter Autonomy Laboratory 

The fly-by-wire Bell 429-based flying lab is capable of autonomous flight
Bell ALFA 429 flying laboratory

EHang Makes First eVTOL Aircraft Passenger Flight in the UAE

Abu Dhabi's Wings Logistics Hub plans to buy 100 of the EH216 model
EH216-S flight in Abu Dhabi

UrbanLink Plans South Florida eVTOL Network with Lilium Order

The start-up has been launched by former UrbanX chairman Ed Wegel
UrbanLink Lilium Jet eVTOL
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

MightyFly Flies Autonomous Freighter in FAA-approved Corridor

The 100-pound-payload Cento is expected to have a range of up to around 522 nm
MightyFly Cento autonomous eVTOL freight aircraft

Leasing Group Orders Reliable Robotics Flight Automation System

The customer wants to convert 30 Cessna Caravans for cargo flights
Reliable Robotics' Cessna Caravan test aircraft

Industry Leaders Highlight Path to Net Zero

To get there, community buy-in and partnerships are necessary
 NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen; World Energy Supply Zero president Scott Lewis; Billy Nolen, chief regulatory affairs officer at Archer and former acting FAA administrator; and Embraer Executive Jets president and CEO Michael Amalfitano.

Manta Taps Altair's Computational Intelligence for Ann Aircraft

The European start-up is developing three new VTOL and STOL designs
Altair's director of strategy, aerospace, and defense Paolo Colombo (left) with Manta Aircraft CEO Lucas Marchesini
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

Vertical Appoints New CEO To Bring eVTOL Aircraft to Market

Stuart Simpson is currently the UK start-up's CFO
Vertical Aerospace VX4 eVTOL aircraft

MIT and Merlin To Integrate Collision Avoidance Technology

The partners are pursuing new uncrewed aircraft applications for the FAA-funded system
Merlin Pilot flight automation technology

Joby Expands Early eVTOL Aircraft Production Line

Car maker Toyota is supporting Joby with high-volume manufacturing expertise
Joby Aviation's Marina, California manufacturing facility
Regulations and Government

AutoFlight Begins Chinese Certification of Prosperity eVTOL Aircraft

In March, Chinese officials approved the CarryAll autonomous freighter version
AutoFlight Prosperity I eVTOL aircraft

Lilium To Reveal Full-scale eVTOL at EBACE

The company aims to start flight testing later this year
Lilium Jet Pioneer Edition eVTOL aircraft

Eviation Reveals Latest Redesign of Alice Electric Airplane

With a new CEO in place, supplier selections will be announced later this year
A digital rendering of Eviation's Alice design released in April 2024
Regulations and Government

House, Senate Strike Accord on Long-term FAA Bill

House, Senate on track to vote before FAA authorization expires on May 10
U.S. Capitol Building (Photo: Bill Carey)
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

German Politicians Stall eVTOL Loan Guarantee Approvals

Bavaria has blocked support for Volocopter and Lilium
Volocopter eVTOL aircraft

Harbour Air Plans to Electrify Fleet with MagniX Engines

MagniX’s electric propulsion unit is undergoing tests at a NASA facility
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