David G. Mayer
AIN Contributor

David G. Mayer is a partner in the global Aviation Practice Group at Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton in Dallas, which handles private aircraft matters, including regulatory compliance, tax planning, purchases, sales, leasing and financing, risk management, insurance, aircraft management and operations, hangar leasing, and related corporate work. Mayer frequently represents corporations and high and ultra-high-net worth individuals and other aircraft owners, flight departments, lessees, borrowers, operators, sellers, purchasers, corporations and managers, as well as lessors and lenders. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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Regulations and Government

AINsight: Personal Liability of Aircraft LLC Owners

Piercing the veil isn't as difficult as many LLC owners assume
Regulations and Government

AINsight: Corporate Transparency Act Descends on Bizav

Critical to understand and comply with the new law despite its challenges and invasiveness.
Government regulations
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Strategies To Manage Aircraft Financing Costs

Cash might be king, but financing still often makes the most sense for business aircraft purchases
cash and business jet
Charter & Fractional

AINsight: Buying/Selling a Part 135 Air Charter Business

Buying a charter operator bypasses a long application process
Generic aircraft windows

AINsight: Which Aircraft Brokers Rise Above the Field?

Finding the right fit can ease buying or selling a used business aircraft
Broker generic photo
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Liability Risk Management for Bizjet Owners

What does risk management mean in the concept of business aviation?
Risk illustration
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Aircraft Finance Losing Altitude in Bank Crisis

Despite recent bank casualties and market volatility, most financiers can and will continue to finance private aircraft—but under stricter terms.

AINsight: Contract Issues Remain Hot as Jet Sales Cool

As the preowned business jet market is rebalancing to pre-pandemic norms, the devil is in the details of purchase contract terms.
Article image
Regulations and Government

AINsight: How To Protect Owner Privacy in Bizav

Privacy for business aircraft users is important, but far from guaranteed.

AINsight: Sacrificing Due Diligence To Buy a Bizjet

Business aircraft transactions are complex, and buyers should be seeking more, not less, due diligence when purchasing an airplane.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Five Leases Power Bizjet Deals

Business aircraft buyers can miss out on the potential tax, financial, and other advantages of leasing as an alternative to cash or financed purchases.
Regulations and Government

AINsight: A FAR Out Look at Part 91 Versus 135

FARs unavoidably and significantly impact a business aircraft buyer’s business, tax, structuring, and other major decisions.

AINsight: Timing Counts in Buying, Financing Bizjets

With preowned business jet inventory low and demand at record highs, speed is important to successfully purchase an airplane using either financing or cash
Regulations and Government

AINsight: Will Sanctions on Russia Upend Bizjet Sales?

The Russian sanctions have implications for multi-national preowned business aircraft sale transactions.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Who Gets To Fly on the Company Jet?

As companies lift restrictions on travel via business aircraft amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the time is right to reconsider aircraft use policies.
Regulations and Government

AINsight: Managing To Fly

Selecting the right management organization helps new aircraft owners get their aircraft safely off the ground.
Regulations and Government

AINsight: Aircraft Owner Trusts Under Indictment

Owner trusts provide a well understood and essential tool for ownership and financing of aircraft by citizens and non-citizens.
Regulations and Government

AINsight: Do LLCs Shield Aircraft Owners from Liability?

LLCs are not iron-clad in protecting aircraft owners from all liabilities, but they often makes sense as part of an overall aircraft ownership structure.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Flying Free of Federal Excise Taxes

After years of advocacy by the bizav industry, the U.S. IRS recently shifted its position on federal excise taxes largely in favor of aircraft owners.

AINsight: What First-time Bizjet Buyers Need To Know

Buying a business jet is a complicated and unique transaction, demanding plenty of patience and the use of skilled advisors.
Man walking toward business jet
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: How Dry Leases Can Prevent Illegal Charter

Leasing enables a lessee to lawfully “operate” and thereby exercise “operational control” over an aircraft under the FARs.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: 7 Avoidable Mistakes in Acquiring a Bizjet

Acquiring a private jet aircraft is fraught with the potential to make these seven expensive mistakes that can be avoided with a qualified aviation team.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: 5 Incentives To Finance Business Aircraft

Incentives to finance a business aircraft include cheap money, no to low cash outlay, tax write-offs, lessor/lender competition, and customized solutions.
Charter & Fractional

AINsight: Best Five Options To Fly Privately

Amid the pandemic, some families, businesses, and individuals have made a flight to safety by traveling again or for the first time on private jets.
Regulations and Government

AINsight: How To Shield Bizjet Owners from Virus Claims

Business aircraft owners should take precautions now to shield themselves from the potential of Covid-19-related claims by pasengers, crews, and others.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Negotiating Business Aircraft Financing

An increasing number of high/ultra-high-net-worth individuals are increasingly using other people’s money to purchase business aircraft.

AINsight: Hot Topics for Bizav in 2020

Ethics, illegal charters, tax planning, ADS-B privacy, and aircraft insurance are the top challenges for business aviation in 2020.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Limiting Risk as Liability Insurance Tightens

In the last two years, many underwriters have exited aviation insurance while those remaining have tightened underwriting standards and hiked premiums.
Regulations and Government

AINsight: Millennials' Shared Use Is a Real Deal

Millennials are already altering the business aviation industry into a tool for providing them with click-and-ride transportation services.
Finance, Taxes, Insurance

AINsight: Owner Personal Liability for Illegal Charter Ops

Operators not playing by the rules affects everyone in business aviation.