Dubai Airshow

Oxford Saudia Teams with Symbiotics to Pick Pilot Trainees

 - November 15, 2019, 1:39 AM

Oxford Saudia has partnered with UK psychological testing firm Symbiotics to use the latter’s online assessments in choosing candidates for ab initio pilot training at the new CAE Oxford Saudia authorized training center in Dammam. This summer Oxford Saudia began using the Symbiotics Adapt process to screen pilots for training that culminates in an A320 type rating. CAE is exhibiting at Dubai Airshow Stand 1450. 

“We wanted a screening program that would remove subjectivity from our selection process and give our managers confidence in the selection of our pilots,” said Larry Wade, Oxford Saudia CEO. “[Symbiotics] presents the results in a clear and easy to understand way, allowing us to make decisions quickly and efficiently.”

After the initial pilot screening, Symbiotics provides on-site assessors. The company's psychologists conduct stage three of the assessment process at the Oxford Saudia training center. "This includes observation, analysis, and feedback from group exercises," according to Symbiotics. 

Symbiotics managing director Karen Moore expressed hopes the collaboration “is the beginning of a positive relationship that will help Oxford Saudia select the best candidates for their ab initio training.”