Falcon 7X Fitted with Passenger Shower

 - January 26, 2012, 3:25 PM

Dassault has designed and installed a shower in the aft cabin section of a Falcon 7X, a challenging job despite the large size of the business jet. For certification, the manufacturer’s engineers demonstrated that a water overflow would not affect critical equipment. In addition, designers had to find space for the water tank, heater and redundant pumps. This required the bulkhead to be moved forward, prompting the need for a new cabin layout. In the shower, the passenger can either stand or sit down and use a showerhead or the “rain sky” ceiling. The window inside the shower area can be dimmed for privacy with an electrochemical device.

Dassault said it accommodated a specific customer requirement for the shower in the 7X, but is not offering it as a standard option yet.

Bombardier has offered a shower as an option for its Global 5000 and 6000 (née XRS) for about three years. Gulfstream plans to offer this option on the G650 next year.


Currently the other business jet that I know of that offers a standup shower is the Lineage 1000.

On top of the shower, the Lineage 1000 offers also 5 cabin zones (lounge, office, galley, dinning room and a state room).

It is a true home away from home!

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One can also find showers in the Airbus and Boeing "bizliners," from the Airbus corporate jet family (A318, A319, A320) and Boeing Business Jets (737s) all the way up to these companies' biggest twin-aisle airliners.
Randy Padfield
AIN Editor-in-chief

The dimmable window inside the shower allowing to switch instantly from transparence to privacy is designed and produced by Vision Systems.

Have a look at this innovative technology on the following website: http://www.vision-systems-aero.fr/-Eclipse,66-