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Wallan Joins Falcon Club

 - December 12, 2012, 1:25 PM

As Cessna’s sales representative in the Middle East, Wallan Aviation has naturally operated an all-Cessna charter fleet, but now the company has announced that it is to add two Dassault Falcon 900s to its roster. The aircraft will provide a significant long-range and large-cabin capability.

Before the end of the year, Wallan will take delivery of a pre-owned Falcon 900EX EASy II, and in the second quarter of next year will receive a new Falcon 900LX. The LX aircraft offers a 4,750-nm range, allowing it to reach northern China, Southeast Asia or southern Africa from the Gulf region. It also provides the ability to reach the U.S. with a single refueling stop at Shannon, Ireland, where customs and immigration can be cleared for all U.S. destinations.

“We chose the Falcon 900LX because of its advanced technology and efficient performance and range, its go-anywhere flexibility and its resale value,” said Saad Wallan, chairman of Wallan Aviation. “Falcons are increasingly proving themselves with operators in the region, and this helps develop experience and build confidence in the Falcon range.” Dassault has more than 60 Falcons operating in the region, and plans to deliver six more to Middle East customers during the next 18 months.