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Pilatus Picks FlightSafety For PC-24 Training

 - May 22, 2013, 12:45 PM
Pilatus Aircraft chairman Oscar Schwenk calls FlightSafety International “the ideal choice” for Pilatus PC-24 training. (Photo: Mark Wagner)

Under a new master training services agreement signed by Pilatus Aircraft, pilots and mechanics will obtain factory-authorized training for the new Pilatus PC-24 twinjet from FlightSafety International. Pilatus announced the aircraft at EBACE on Tuesday.

The agreement calls for a FlightSafety PC-24 simulator to be installed at the training provider’s learning center in Dallas and, if necessary, at other locations. In addition to a full-motion simulator, FlightSafety will also build graphical flight deck simulators, desktop simulators for classrooms and Sim Vu simulator flight debriefing systems. FlightSafety courseware developers and simulation engineers and Pilatus personnel are working together on PC-24 training programs and equipment.

The Dallas learning center currently offers Pilatus PC-12 NG training and will add training for the PC-12-47 series in early 2014.

“FlightSafety’s experience, high quality training programs and reputation for outstanding customer service made it the ideal choice to serve as the exclusive authorized training provider for the new Pilatus PC-24,” said Pilatus chairman Oscar Schwenk.

The PC-24 is expected to be certified and enter service in early 2017.


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