EASA OKs Bombardier Challenger 650

 - March 8, 2016, 1:31 PM
The Bombardier Challenger 650 has now been certified by Transport Canada, the FAA and EASA. (Photo: Bombardier Aerospace)

The Bombardier Challenger 650 received the nod from EASA, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer announced today. This approval comes about three months after the large-cabin business jet was certified by Transport Canada and the U.S. FAA.

“Our Challenger 650 successfully entered into service last year and is now about to make its European debut,” said Bombardier Business Aircraft president David Coleal. “We are eager for EASA-registered customers to experience this new jet."

The 650 is equipped with new 9,220-pound-thrust GE CF34-3BMTO engines that provide 5 percent more takeoff thrust than those on the Challenger 605. It has a shorter takeoff distance, extra payload capacity and 4,000-nm-range capability.

It is also fitted with the Bombardier Vision flight deck, based on the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced avionics system, that includes head-up guidance, synthetic vision, enhanced vision, MultiScan weather radar and an Integrated flight information system. Bombardier added wider seats in the cabin, a galley with a convection oven, more storage in and around the seats and an audio/video-on-demand system.