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GlobalAir App Showcases Aircraft Sales Listings

 - October 10, 2017, 9:00 AM
GlobalAir's Showcase app makes finding aircraft for sale a magazine-like experience on Apple mobile devices.

Aviation information provider and aircraft sales marketplace GlobalAir (Booth C9818) introduced at NBAA 2017 the new Aircraft Showcase iOS app to make finding aircraft for sale a more pleasant, magazine-like experience on the iPhone or iPad. The Showcase app is free and available now in the Apple App Store.

The Aircraft Showcase app is designed to present various categories of aircraft for sale in a magazine format. After opening the app, the user can choose which of 12 magazines to view, such as private jet, single-engine turbine, twin- or single-engine piston, vintage, light sport, amphibian, experimental, etc.

Once in the chosen magazine, the user can browse through each listing, flipping pages from aircraft to aircraft. The listings include basic information such as the seller/broker, registration and serial number, total time, location and a summary. Detailed information may be available in the app, if the seller includes it, and the user can easily view the full listing at the GlobalAir website by clicking on the aircraft’s photo.

To contact the seller, Showcase offers an email button, and if the seller wishes, a text messaging button. The user can share the listing via social media, email, text messaging and any other apps set up for sharing in their Apple device. To narrow down the listings, the user can click on the broker name in any listing and see only offerings from that broker. The seller/broker can also be contacted via the full GlobalAir website listing, after clicking on the photo.

Each listing includes detailed aircraft specifications and range charts (high-speed and long-range cruise for turbine airplanes) based on the location of the user, if the user chooses to enable location on the device. Most of the aircraft data is supplied by Conklin & de Decker.

The user can compile a list of favorite aircraft for sale by clicking on the like button, and these are placed in a favorites folder accessible from the opening page of the app.