Asset Insight Offers Free Access to Aircraft Info

 - August 12, 2019, 12:20 PM

Asset Insight has made in-depth and real-time business jet valuation information available free of charge through its eValues system, the business aircraft valuation firm announced on Friday. The new offering includes serial-number-specific market values accounting for actual modifications, hourly cost maintenance program coverage, and maintenance inspection completions, as well as current and projected values by make, model, and year of manufacture.

“The industry has been seeking transparency, standardization, and timely information from the vast sources of data produced by business aviation,” said Asset Insight president Tony Kioussis. “Previously, this information had to be aggregated from various sources, at a fee, limiting knowledge for individual aircraft owners and small businesses. By providing this intelligence to all members of the eValues community, and at no cost, Asset Insight is providing the means for community members to communicate knowledgeably and efficiently about their aircraft and the industry at large.”

For those requiring additional information, Asset Insight said it has lowered its subscription fee to $99 a month. That includes appraisals by its American Society of Appraisers accredited staff at a member-only rate. The eValues system can be accessed online through a desktop or mobile device and subscribers can choose between free and paid plans that track covered aircraft.