Piper Unveils Next-gen M600 SLS

 - October 31, 2019, 10:32 AM
The Halo Safety System brings new capabilities to Piper's M600 single-engine turboprop, including Garmin's new Autoland. (Photo: Matt Thurber)

Piper Aircraft is adding to its model lineup a new version of the M600 turboprop single dubbed the M600 SLS (for enhancing safety, luxury, and support). A key feature for the M600 SLS is the Halo Safety System, which will be the first certification of Garmin’s new Autoland capability. The M600 SLS replaces the original M600, according to Piper.

Autoland/Halo is enabled by Garmin’s G3000 avionics and the M600’s new Garmin autothrottle. In a situation where a pilot becomes incapacitated, Halo either automatically or by a passenger pushing a button engages and finds a nearby suitable airport, flies an approach to that airport, lowers landing gear and flaps, lands, stops, then shuts down the engine.

The M600 SLS’s Halo Safety System comprises Autoland, the autothrottle (required for Autoland), Garmin Emergency Descent Mode and Enhanced Stability and Protection, Surface Watch, Safe Taxi, and Flight Stream wireless gateway.

New interior features include Piper’s EXP interior with a selection of materials, stitching patterns, and contrasting threads, as well as optional two-tone leather seats and Alacantra fabric. M600 SLS buyers also receive a new “exclusive service program” for the first five years called the Ultimate Care Program. This includes coverage for all scheduled maintenance and hourly and calendar-based inspections.

Certification of the $2.994 million M600 SLS is expected shortly, with deliveries expected to begin this quarter.