Aerion Identifies More Suppliers for AS2 Bizjet

 - December 23, 2019, 9:34 AM
Aerion expects to receive the first articles for AS2 assembly in 2023. (Photo: Aerion Supersonic)

Potez Aéronautique and Safran are the newest suppliers of components and systems to Aerion Supersonic’s 12-passenger AS2 business jet, while engine supplier GE Aviation will expand its relationship by supplying the airplane’s electrical power systems in addition to its Affinity supersonic engine, the Reno, Nevada-based aircraft developer announced. “Aligning with industry-leading partners is key to making sustainable supersonic travel a reality,” Aerion CEO Tom Vice said.

Potez is an aerostructures supplier with a specialization in design-and-build work packages for aircraft doors. “We are excited to have Potez on the AS2 team for the design and development of the aircraft doors, including the main passenger entry door,” Vice said.

Two Safran companies have been selected to join the AS2 development project as well. Safran Landing Systems will design the complete braking and landing gear system: main and nose landing gears, wheels and brakes—including extension/retraction, monitoring, and steering systems—at its engineering centers in Canada and France. The AS2’s nacelles— inlets, fan cowl doors, and thrust reverser—will be designed by Safran Nacelles in France.

Aerion declined to identify the cities it is considering for the location of its final assembly site but expects to receive the first articles for AS2 assembly in 2023.