Gulfstream's G500/G600 Family Achieves Milestone

 - March 25, 2021, 1:03 PM

Gulfstream Aerospace marked the delivery of the 100th customer aircraft in the G500/G600 program. The delivery of the milestone business jet, a G500, was announced today by the Savannah, Georgia-based aircraft manufacturer. This news comes 2.5 years after the first of the family, the 5,300-nm G500, entered service in September 2018. Service entry of Gulfstream’s 6,600-nm G600 followed in August 2019.

Collectively, the fleet has flown more than 25,000 hours, made 13,600 landings, and achieved more than 60 speed records. Leading up to service entry, the G500 completed a world tour that spanned 130,000 nm and amassed 22 city-pair records.

“Gulfstream saw great demand for the all-new G500 and G600 right out of the gate,” said Gulfstream president Mark Burns. “Reaching 100 deliveries at this stage in the program is remarkable and a clear reflection of the advantages the G500 and G600 give our customers.”

The ultra-long-range, fly-by-wire business jet family, which features the Symmetry Flight Deck, has brought to market technologies such as active-control sidesticks, extensive use of touchscreen technology, and a data concentration network.