Cirrus Aircraft's Vision Jet Gets Another Upgrade

 - July 20, 2021, 11:43 AM
The new Cirrus G2+ Vision Jet has improved takeoff thrust, Gogo in-flight connectivity, and new exterior color and livery options. Deliveries of the $2.98 million jet single will start in August 2021. (Photo: Cirrus Aircraft)

Cirrus Aircraft today unveiled the upgraded G2+ Vision Jet with optimized engine performance, Gogo in-flight connectivity, and new exterior paint options. Deliveries of the $2.98 million airplane are set to start next month.

This builds on the G2 version unveiled in 2019, which featured increased cruise altitude, speed, and range, along with a Garmin-based Perspective Touch+ flight deck and autothrottle. Last year, Cirrus added Safe Return Emergency Autoland, its branding for Garmin Autoland, to its jet.

“The G2+ Vision Jet is the next step in continuing to transform personal aviation,” said Cirrus Aircraft CEO Zean Nielsen. “The enhancements to both the takeoff performance capabilities in hot-and-high conditions and the in-flight Wi-Fi-connected passenger experience ensure that the Vision Jet continues to exceed the evolving needs of our owners.”

On the G2+, the Williams FJ33-5A engine has an optimized thrust profile that provides up to 20 percent increased performance during takeoff. Meanwhile, a Gogo Avance L3 system adds high-speed connectivity, while new USB-C ports keep Wi-Fi-connected devices charged.

To bolster the G2+’s “unmistakable” ramp presence, Cirrus has added new exterior color options—including Titan Grey, Volt, and Bimini Blue—as well as updated design lines that accentuate the curve of the jet’s carbon-fiber fuselage.