New Owners To Resurrect Jetcruzer as Electric Aircraft

 - February 16, 2022, 11:58 AM
The Jetcruser is back, but as an all-electric aircraft. (Photo: Jetcruzer International)

The Jetcruzer—a turbine single pusher fixed-wing design dating back to the mid-1980s and shelved in 2004—is being revived as an electric aircraft. Victor Tao, who bought the prototypes and intellectual properties in 2016, plans to bring the Jetcruzer 450 and longer-range Model 500 derivative to market as electric fuel cell and hybrid-electric airplanes, respectively.

According to the reformed company, Jetcruzer International, a magniX electric motor will be fitted to the Jetcruzer 500E testbed by year-end, but the suppliers for its hybrid-electric system have yet to be determined. The $2.66 million 500E model is projected to have a 1,500-nm range, 300-mph top speed, and 30,000-foot ceiling.

While a certification timeline has not been announced for the 500E, Jetcruzer International expects the fuel-cell-powered 450E to be certified in less than two years, thanks to the original turboprop variant having received FAA approval in 1994. The $1.98 million 450E will have a 500-nm range, a 245-knot top speed, and 27,000-foot ceiling.

For the prototypes, production will be done at Ontario in California, and assembly in nearby Murrietta, said Jetcruzer v-p of sales Tom Miyano. The company, which is seeking to raise $50 million to bring the aircraft to certification, has not yet selected a location for aircraft production.