Aeronautix Seeks King Air 350 Starter/generator STC

 - August 30, 2022, 10:02 AM
Aeronautix has developed a new starter/generator system for King Air 350 and 350C twin-turboprops. (Photo: Aeronautix)

Aeronautix has designed a new starter/generator for the Beechcraft King Air 350 turboprop twin that the Wichita-based aviation products and services company said will increase available electric power, reduce maintenance, and offer improved start capability.

With an electric power capacity of 650 amps, the new starter has 50 more amps than the older system. A new shunt-start design along with automated regulation of torque is also expected to mean less wear and tear on both the starter/generator and engine. It also features a 1,500-hour time between overhaul.

Aeronautix anticipates a 16-hour installation time for the complete system, which will add about five pounds to an aircraft’s weight. The holder of an FAA organization designation authorization and parts manufacturer approval, Aeronautix is working on a supplemental type certificate on the new generator/starter for King Air 350 and 350C types with PT6A-60A or PT6A-67A engines.