Indonesian Aircraft Maker Gets Help From Airbus Military

 - July 8, 2011, 6:22 AM
Airbus Military might transfer production of the C212 utility aircraft to Indonesia, after helping PTDI to “revitalize.” (Photo: Airbus Military)

Airbus Military signed a strategic collaboration agreement with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), “to assist in the revitalization” of the state-owned company. Officials of the European aircraft manufacturer have identified Asia as the most promising market for future sales of its C212/CN235/C295 series of light, medium-range transport aircraft.

Bandung-based PTDI and predecessor companies IPTN and Nurtanio have long been partners with Airbus Military and predecessor company CASA on the C212 and CN235. PTDI supplies the horizontal tail and other subassemblies for the CN235, and holds a license to sell the C212 in Asia. PTDI is also a supplier to Airbus and Eurocopter, and just renewed a partnership agreement with the latter.

Airbus Military said that after a first phase of support to PTDI lasting 18 months, it would provide the Indonesian company with “industrial activity of increasingly higher value.” Airbus Military officials have talked of upgrading the C212, and transferring production to Indonesia.

The C212 faces stiff competition on price from other twin-turboprops in the three-four tonne payload class, but uniquely offers a rear-loading ramp. “I can’t afford to produce it in Europe,” Airbus Military CEO Ureno Raso told journalists last year.

At its Seville, Spain facility, the company is completing four outstanding orders for the C212, one for Thailand and three for Vietnam. This will bring the total sold to 477.