Selex ES Reveals Expendable Radar Decoy for Fighters

 - November 15, 2013, 1:07 PM
The new BriteCloud electronic warfare decoy from Selex ES deploys from a standard flare cartridge on a combat aircraft. (Photo: Selex ES)

Selex ES revealed its development of an expendable active-radar decoy (EAD) for combat aircraft. The BriteCloud is the size and shape of a flare and can be dispensed from a standard 55-mm flare cartridge. Flight-tests will take place next year on a Saab Gripen, and customers for the Swedish fighter will be the first to be offered the new electronic warfare device.

“Britecloud is the technological successor to previous generations of radar-frequency decoys such as repeaters and towed radar decoys,” Selex ES said. Compared with the latter, Britecloud puts a “significant distance between itself and the fighter after launch, minimizing any risk of incoming missiles detonating close to the platform,” said Selex ES. Further, this new offboard decoy “avoids the ‘home-on-jam’ vulnerabilities of onboard devices,” the company continued. Its digital RF memory simulates false targets that “seduce even the most modern threats away from the platform,” Selex ES claimed.

Selex ES promises savings in cost and training, with each unit being “significantly cheaper than towed radar decoy technology.” The company notes that Britecloud does not require installation work, certification and flight trials for integration.