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July 22, 2019, 4:10 AM

Britain and Sweden To Partner on Future Combat Air Requirements

The much-anticipated announcement that Sweden would partner with the UK on a future fighter fell short of Swedish industry joining the Team Tempest effort

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Jul 10, 2019 - 2:47 AM
The Bell 407-based unmanned air system is now ready to begin training crews for fleet operations
C295 in flight
Jul 7, 2019 - 5:21 AM
The first CC-295 for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s search and rescue fleet is due to be handed over later in 2019.
Jul 6, 2019 - 8:44 AM
Organized by the Russian ministry of defense, the Army exhibition showcases the latest Russian technology for potential overseas buyers.
Jul 3, 2019 - 2:20 PM
After some delay since approval was given by Congress, the Navy has completed on a deal to buy an ex-RAF Hercules for the Blue Angels team
Jul 3, 2019 - 12:10 PM
A squadron of the stealthy fifth-generation F-22A fighters is the latest asset to join Central Command as heightened tensions with Iran continue.
Jul 3, 2019 - 11:06 AM
Having failed to buy F-16s from Israel after U.S. applied restrictions, Croatia is looking for new-build F-16s or Gripens
Jul 3, 2019 - 8:01 AM
New versions of armed Mi-8s and Mi-28s offer greater survivability and greater stand-off engagement capability.
Jul 3, 2019 - 7:31 AM
The end of the Boeing KC-135R in Singaporean service signals that the A330 MRTT is ready to take on operational missions.
Jun 27, 2019 - 12:06 PM
Thirteen aircraft are being ordered, and Antonov hopes the deal will inspire confidence in the design from other potential customers
Jun 27, 2019 - 5:20 AM
No weapons are believed to have been dropped, but the RAF's F-35s have now joined those of Israel and the U.S. on combat duty.