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Vulcanair V1.0 Trainer Aiming at U.S. Training Market

 - July 27, 2017, 9:59 AM
Vulcanair's V1.0 four-seat trainer offers significant savings for flight training organizations.

Vulcanair is targeting the U.S. flight training market with the introduction of its EASA-certified and soon-to-be FAA-approved V1.0 four-seat piston-powered single. The V1.0 retails for $259,000, about $100,000 less than competing four-seat training airplanes, and is fitted with glass-cockpit avionics, ADS-B OUT/IN, constant-speed propeller and three doors.

With a useful load of 919 pounds, cruise speed at 75 percent power of 130 knots and service ceiling of 14,700 feet, the V1.0 does offer some small performance improvements over competitors’ airplanes, but Vulcanair is focusing on the price difference to attract interest from training academies and universities.

Power is provided by a fuel-injected, 180-hp Lycoming IO-360 driving a Hartzell constant-speed propeller. The airframe is conventional, with a welded-steel-tube main cabin and aluminum wing, tailcone and empennage. Each pilot has a door, and there is a door for passengers to get to the rear seats. The airplane also has a baggage compartment with its own door.

For the price, the V1.0 has a modern cockpit, although its competitors—primarily the Cessna 172S and Piper Archer—are equipped with integrated Garmin G1000 suites. The V1.0 will not come with an autopilot, but Vulcanair is evaluating an autopilot option, according to CEO Remo De Feo.

Avionics include a Garmin G500 primary/multifunction display, GTN 650 GPS/com touchscreen navigator, GTX 33 mode-S transponder, GNC 225 navcom, GDU 620 AHRS, Jeppesen NavData, JPI engine-monitoring system and Mid-Continent SAM standby instrument.

“It’s extremely stable,” De Feo said. “It’s a classic design, and we wanted to offer something that is easy to fly. It’s fantastic for schools and college programs. They can save $2 million on a 20-aircraft purchase.”

FAA certification and first U.S. deliveries are expected by the end of the year.