News and information on safety procedures and concerns.

Jan 21, 2020 - 2:29 PM
European pilots call for urgent and pragmatic solutions to avoid another downing of a commercial airliner in war zones.
Jan 21, 2020 - 11:36 AM
The update to NBAA's single-pilot training resource stems from an NTSB recommendation following a 2014 Phenom 100 crash in icing conditions.
Jan 21, 2020 - 9:45 AM
The new European Rotors show will launch in Cologne, Germany, in November 2020, and will include all vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.
Jan 20, 2020 - 9:46 AM
Work conducted in the FAA's new $5 million, 2,500-sq-ft building will support research on fluorine-free firefighting foams.
Jan 17, 2020 - 11:28 AM
The events provide Gulfstream customer input and feedback that the Savannah-based airframer says is critical to its business.
Jan 15, 2020 - 2:20 PM
Hawaii air tour stakeholders have formed a task force to deal with the fallout from recent accidents there.
Nick Mayhew
Jan 13, 2020 - 12:07 PM
Helicopter training industry veteran Nick Mayhew is the new industry co-chairman of the United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST).
VoloCity eVTOL
Jan 10, 2020 - 9:44 AM
New FAA rules would require most unmanned aircraft to share their position and identity with other airspace users.
Jan 9, 2020 - 12:08 PM
Aeronautical Data Systems has released the Ergo Blue app to help improve the outcome in a ditching situation.
Jan 9, 2020 - 11:41 AM
A Learjet 45's nose gear collapsed due to likely inadvertent crew braking during a towed pushback, mirroring at least three other similar incidents.