Dec 6, 2021

Garmin Smart Glide and Smart Rudder Bias Wins Top Flight Award for Technology

AIN is pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Top Flight Awards Technology category: Garmin Smart Glide and Smart Rudder Bias

Garmin’s Smart Glide and Smart Rudder Bias add significant new safety features to light aircraft. In case of engine failure or in-flight emergency, the pilot simply pushes a button to engage Smart Glide, which then either recommends the closest suitable airport or, in cooperation with the autopilot, flies to that airport at the appropriate speed, while selecting the airport’s local radio frequency and setting the transponder to the emergency code. This frees up the pilot to deal with the emergency situation. Smart Glide is available with certain Garmin displays and navigators as well as compatible autopilots.

Loss of control after failure of one engine in twin-engine piston airplanes continues to be a significant safety issue, and Smart Rudder Bias adjusts rudder force to help control sideslip after an engine failure. It also uses Garmin’s Electronic Stability and Protection limit-cueing system to help the pilot control bank and avoid flying too slow in an engine-out situation. Garmin’s GFC 600 autopilot is required for Smart Rudder Bias as well as TXi displays with Engine Indication System.

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