New developments and products in avionics, specifically about aircraft electronics in the cockpit.


Honeywell Releases Avionics Upgrade for G650/650ER

The Honeywell Primus Epic Block 3 avionics upgrade is now available for Gulfstream G650 and G650ER aircraft.
Gulfstream G650 flight deck

Cessna Caravans Get Garmin Avionics Software Upgrade

New 2024 models of the Cessna Caravan and Cessna Grand Caravan EX will feature additional enhancements to their Garmin G1000 NXi integrated flight decks.
A digital rendering of a Cessna Caravan and Cessna Grand Caravan EX in flight
Cabin Interior and Electronics

Iridium Introduces Certus for Range of Applications

Iridium is making its Certus L-Band in-flight connectivity service available for a range of commercial, business aviation, and uncrewed applications.
Iridium satellite network

Safran Bids To Buy Collins Actuator and Controls Units

$1.8B deal to close in 2H2024
Collins Aerospace actuation system on an aircraft engine nacelle.
Maintenance and Modifications

MyGoFlight Buys Camera Mount-maker Flight Flix

MyGoFlight's acquisition of Flight Flix adds a new product line of camera mounts designed for aircraft use.
MyGoFlight Flight Flix mount

Adventure Pilot App Adds Checklists, Helicopter Mode

The iFly EFB app from Adventure Pilot has been updated with new features including checklists and helicopter mode for rotary-wing pilots.
iFly EFB displayed on Apple and Android devices
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

FAA Accepts Reliable Robotics’ Certification Plans

Reliable Robotics says the FAA has accepted its certification plans for a fully autonomous flight control system, which the company plans to install on aircraft to enable remotely piloted operations under supplemental type certificates.
A view from under the wing of an airplane flying with Reliable Robotics' autopilot system

Garmin Adding King Air Autoland, New Autothrottle

The next Autoland system from Garmin will be for the King Air 200 series, followed by the King Air 300.
Garmin Autoland King Air 200

Vision Jet Gets New Radar and Cirrus IQ Mobile App

Garmin Auto Radar automatically tracks weather conditions for a defined range, while the Cirrus IQ app shows pilots aircraft readiness items.
Garmin Auto Radar

Sporty's Intros Backup Aviation Radio with Lemo Jack

The L6 COM handheld radio from Sporty's Pilot Shop has built-in Lemo headset jacks, making it a suitable emergency backup for business jet pilots.
Sporty's L6 handheld radio with Lemo headset jacks

Loose iPad Linked to Helicopter Crash

A fatal firefighting Chinook crash was tied to a loose iPad that jammed the flight controls.
iPad that jammed flight control pedals of a Chinook helicopter

Thales Bids $1.1B for Cobham Aerospace Communications

Thales and Cobham combined aim to create "connected cockpits" of the future.
Thales research and development center in Paris

Australia Tackles 5G Interference Issues

As 5G mobile phone services expand in Australia, the country's Civil Aviation Safety Authority looks to prevent 5G interference with radio altimeters.
5G cellphone tower at sunset

Dassault’s New Falcon 10X Business Jet Flight Deck Helps Pilots Put Safety First

The new interface is optimized to reduce pilot workload
Dassault Falcon 10X flight deck avionics

Mid-Continent Plans Substantial Expansion at Wichita HQ

A 28,000-sq-ft expansion of Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics headquarters will position the company to meet increased customer demand.
Article image

Preparing for Night Vision Goggles

Adding night vision goggles into an operation requires careful planning, training, and support, experts say.
Pilots wearing night vision goggles in flight

Airbus Helicopters Selects Thales Next-gen Standby Units

Airbus Helicopters has selected Thales third-generation integrated electronic standby instrument for its new-production aircraft.
Thales Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument installed in helicopter flight deck

Nationwide 5G Helicopter Restrictions Begin June 30 in U.S.

The use of a variety of helicopter flight procedures that rely on legacy radio altimeters will be banned under the new FAA 5G restrictions.
Radio altimeter cost estimate by FAA

Honeywell Adding HUD to Its Avionics Portfolio

Honeywell's purchase of Saab's head-up display will bring new competition to the HUD market for business aviation, airlines, and military platforms.
Honeywell head-up display

Sporty's Intros Backup Aviation Radio with Lemo Jack

Sporty’s Pilot Shop unveiled the handheld L6 COM Radio that features a built-in Lemo jack.
A radio and headphones sit on the wing of an airplane.

Sporty's Intros Backup Aviation Radio with Lemo Jack

The L6 COM handheld radio from Sporty's Pilot Shop has built-in Lemo jacks, making it a suitable emergency backup for business jet pilots.
L6 COM Radio with headset displayed on aircraft wing with other aircraft in background

Honeywell/Curtiss Wright CVR/FDR Gains New Approvals

The newly approved Honeywell Connecter Recorder-25 cockpit voice and flight data recorder meets the latest EASA requirements for 25-hour voice recording.
The HCR-25

Tamarack To Install SmartWing Winglets on SkyAlps Q400s

SkyAlps plans to field a fleet of 14 Q400 turboprops modified with Tamarack winglets and upgraded avionics.
Tamarack Eco-SmartWing winglets

Canada Denies Ligado Operating Permission

Citing GPS interference, U.S. aviation groups hope Canada's Ligado ban prompts the FCC to reverse its 2020 approval.
Article image

New Inertial Nav System Solves GPS Vulnerability

Flare Bright has developed a small new inertial navigation system that can substitute for vulnerable GPS receivers.
Flare Bright INS software

High-voltage Electric Aircraft Need Improved Connectors

TE Connectivity is displaying a wide array of high-voltage connectors for new eVTOL aircraft.
TE Connectivity is displaying high-voltage connectors for eVTOL aircraft.

AI Drives Technology for Raytheon Intelligent Sensing

Raytheon’s RAIVEN offers pilots faster and more precise threat identification.
 Raytheon Raiven

Pannoramix Satcom Antenna Captures Multi-band Birds

Greenerwave has unveiled the Pannoramix multibeam ground antenna, which can communicate with a variety of satellites and frequencies.
Article image

BAE Systems Offers New-Tech EW System for Export

The Storm EW system can protect diverse platforms against proliferating advanced air defense systems.
Belgian F-16

Ontic Voted In as Member of the AAQG

Ontic manufactures aerospace components under license to OEMs and has operations in North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia.