Singapore Air Show

Deharde Revolutionizes Sheet Metal Forming

 - February 10, 2020, 2:33 AM

Germany’s Deharde (Booth K79) has made the trip to Singapore to introduce innovative production technology for forming large metal sheets at significantly less cost and time and at a higher quality. Called Polygon Forming, the technology applies to the production of curved, twisted, and conic skins to form doublers, straps, and other parts made of metallic materials. The company claims “high advantages” compared with conventional manufacturing through the removal of redundant production steps, the use of less cost-intensive milling, and reject-free production. Deharde claims its process can cut the cost of roll forming in half.

Deharde concentrates all production steps associated with machined and formed skins in two main processes, namely machining in flat condition on a conventional three-axis milling center, and in one forming loop in a qualified, numeric-controlled process that avoids shrinking and elongation.

Deharde offers customers a risk-free step-by-step approach to reaping the benefits of Polygon Forming (DPF). The company analyzes the application of DPF to a customer’s needs and provides a cost calculation of the individual business case. The company also delivers prototype parts to allow the customer to check for perfect fit in the assembly process. Finally, customers transfer regular skin production to Deharde or alternatively establish their own DPF facility on their premises.