Boeing’s 2019 Deliveries Shrink to Less than Half of 2018 Tally

 - January 14, 2020, 12:22 PM

Boeing last year delivered less than half the total number of commercial airplanes it shipped in 2018 and suffered a negative order result thanks mainly to the March grounding of the 737 Max and subsequent fallout from a steady drip of negative publicity that finally led to the firing of CEO Dennis Muilenburg in December. According to figures released Tuesday, Boeing delivered 380 airplanes in 2019, compared with 806 a year earlier while its orderbook shrank by 87 airplanes. Conversely, rival Airbus delivered a record 863 airplanes—8 percent more than it shipped in 2018—and extended its sales ledger with net orders for 768 commercial airplanes.

As a result of the total lack of 737 Max deliveries since mid-March, Boeing’s 787 family led all commercial aircraft programs with deliveries of 158 airplanes during the year. Boeing’s 777 deliveries totaled 45, while the 767 program shipped 43 airplanes, thanks to resurgent demand for freighter variants of the twin-aisle jet. Boeing delivered seven 747s, as production rates for the quadjet held steady at roughly one every other month.

Airbus, meanwhile, saw deliveries of its A320 family increase marginally, from 626 to 642, but the proportion of neo deliveries rose dramatically, from slightly more than half—or 386—of all A320s in 2018 to 86 percent—or 551—last year. The company also witnessed a more than doubling of A220 deliveries, from 20 in 2018 (Airbus took over the program from Bombardier on July 1, 2018) to 46 last year. A330-family jets accounted for an increase of four airplanes, from 49 in 2018 to 53 last year, while A350 deliveries increased from 93 to 112. The company delivered just eight A380s, compared with 12 in 2018.