Feb 11, 2019

Flying into Tough Airports: Chambéry, France

We’re at FlightSafety International’s Teterboro learning center to spend some time in a Falcon 900EX level D simulator to learn about how to fly into some of the toughest airports in the world.

Today’s challenging airport is Chambéry in France, which is surrounded by the French Alps and situated with Lac du Bourget on the end of the runway.

In this video, we’ll do a takeoff, missed approach, and a landing. This is the second video in our series. If you missed them, check out videos about Aspen, Colorado (https://youtu.be/vKiGJunIkN0), London City in the UK (https://youtu.be/--1V2GCfjFw), and Kathmandu, Nepal (https://youtu.be/24Na6nLE_q0).

Music: The Low Seas by The 126ers

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