Feb 15, 2019

Flying into Tough Airports: London City, UK

We’re at FlightSafety International’s Teterboro learning center to spend some time in a Falcon 900EX level D simulator to learn about how to fly into some of the toughest airports in the world.

Today’s challenging airport is London City in the United Kingdom, which is surrounded by water and urban development. Aircraft and aircrews need to be certified to land here because of the required steep 5.5-degree approach glidepath, which is in force for noise abatement. A standard glidepath is typically 3 degrees.

There are also strict standards for how far down the runway pilots must touch down when landing at London City, otherwise they must conduct a go-around and try again.

In this video, we’ll do a takeoff and a landing. This is the third video in our series about challenging airports. If you missed them, check out videos about Aspen, Colorado (https://youtu.be/vKiGJunIkN0), Chambéry, France (https://youtu.be/HkSRewgyKXY), and Kathmandu, Nepal (https://youtu.be/24Na6nLE_q0).

Music: The Low Seas by The 126ers

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