Jun 7, 2019

Spotlight on the Forthcoming Dassault Falcon 6X

Dassault’s new Falcon 6X business jet is on track for entry into service in 2022, the company says. The latest model is a replacement for the 5X, a project canceled due to multiple delays in the development of its Safran Silvercrest engines. The 6X will be powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D —"D" for Dassault engines. The flight deck features the EASy avionics suite, which is based on the Honeywell Epic system, plus dual FalconEye combined vision system head-up displays will be available. It will have a 20 inch longer cabin and 300 nautical miles longer range than the 5X, now 5,500 nautical miles. With a cabin width of 8 feet 6 inches, and a height of 6 feet 6 inches, the 6X has the largest cross section of any purpose built business jet. Manufacture of major parts has commenced, with assembly of the first aircraft expected early next year and first flight in 2021.

Music: Hypnothis by Kevin MacLeod

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