Sep 12, 2018
This Ingenious Device Helps Board a Wheelchair-bound Passenger into a Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is an excellent family transportation airplane, but what if one of the family members is wheelchair-bound and unable to climb the entry stairs? A New York-based company owns two PC-12s and was faced with this problem for one of its frequent travelers.

Instead of adapting a wheelchair to somehow fit on the PC-12’s stairs, the company's PC-12 pilot and industrial designer Gideon Clement came up with a simpler idea. He took advantage of the PC-12’s big cargo doorway and designed a lifting system that can load a wheelchair carrying a passenger with a total weight of 300 pounds right into the cabin.

The Pro Star PC-12 wheelchair lift system is manufactured and distributed by Pro Star Aviation of Manchester, New Hampshire.

Music: “Talkies” by Huma-Huma

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