May 22, 2019

Pilatus Reopens the PC-24 Jet Order Book

Swiss business aircraft manufacturer Pilatus has reopened the order book for its PC-24. When it launched its “Super Versatile” jet in May 2014, it paused sales after taking orders for 84 aircraft. At that time, the company wanted to focus on certification and entry-into-service, not accumulating more backlog beyond two years of production. Since the PC-24’s service entry in February 2018, it has delivered 30 of the jets.

Pilatus said the fleet as a whole has—to date—surpassed 5,000 hours in operation, with the fleet leader—serial number 101, belonging to U.S. fractional provider PlaneSense—having flown more than 1,100 of those hours.

Meanwhile, Pilatus has confirmed receipt of EASA and FAA approvals for the aircraft to be operated from unpaved runways and for steep approaches. It is continuing its work on certification for other runway surface types, including grass.

The Swiss aircraft manufacturer plans to deliver 40 PC-24s this year and will expand production to 50 aircraft next year. Base price of the twinjet is $10.7 million dollars, up from $8.9 million when it started taking orders in 2014.

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